Notable Projects

Snow Trouble

 [ Sheridan Design Challenge Shortlist ] 

A team-based snowman-building party game.


Use your phone as your controller to build snowmen and rack up points - but watch out! Your competitors may just freeze you with their snowballs!

Types of Romance

 [ Selected for public exhibition at 5 events. ] 

A retro shoujo-manga inspired

typing-game dating sim hybrid.

Play as a poet woo the high-born beauty of
your dreams with your eloquent words!


 [ Selected for alt.Ctrl GDC Showcase Pre-COVID ] 

An alternative controller arcade game.

Rotate the game space using a unique controller configuration, blasting away enemies to keep up your combo!

 [ Notable Player Obsevations & Full Postmortem Document ] 

A competitive co-op card game featuring horrible spouses.

Pursue your desire for sex, power and money while maintaining your public image.

Relationship Goals


GDC Narrative Review

 A Paper on House House's Untitled Goose Game 

Examines the game as a story-making system,

the importance of roleplay in pre-created characters,

restructuring the monomyth for level design,

and the service of ambiguity for player empathy.

Won GDC Narrative Review Gold

Other Games



A 2-player, turn-based strategy

game featuring the core mechanics

of placement and rotation.


Game Design,
Rules & Documentation

 The Romance Theorem 

An anti-dating sim examining a

toxic relationship. Make the right

choices, and stay together at your

own expense.


Game & Narrative Design, Writing,

Art, Programming

 No Reload 

A twin-stick dungeon crawler. Toss

your weapons away once you run out

of ammo before they explode!


Game Design, Programming,

Character Art



 A Place Called 

A relaxing exploration-collection
examining the comfort and

cultivation of home versus the

unfamiliarity of the outside world.


Game Design, Art

 Blood Brothers 

A 4-player survival board game

inspired by "The Singing Bone"

fairy tale.


Game Design, Writing,

Rules & Documentation


A 2-person alt-controller racing

game. Uses voice modulation,

 volume control and head tilting

to move the player character.


Game Design, Controller Design, 
Programming, 3D Modeling

 Cake Walk 

A casual arcade game currently in development for mobilePlay as a Dessert creature dodging obstacles and collecting cake toppings for points.


Game Design, Programming,



 Cat & Mouse 

An interactive art piece / roleplaying

game delineating the emotional toll of sexual harassment.


Game Design, 
Rules & Documentation

 In Shadowed Steps 

A dark fairy tale visual novel currently

in development for mobile.


Narrative Design, Writing,

Programming, Project Manager