Howdy, I'm Mary!  

I'm a Canadian game designer currently working as a
JR. Game Designer at The Beans Team!

Previously, I was a Sheridan Game Design student and

the VP of Social at the Sheridan Game Design society.

Prior to that, I completed a double degree in English and Film Studies at the University of Calgary, where I first started dabbling with interactive media!

As a designer, I value communication, collaboration, and prioritizing player engagementI strive to create games, and moments, which have a lasting impact on playerbase.

My favorite games include The Beginner's Guide,

Stardew Valley, and Journey! 

  I do other stuff too!  

When I'm not working on games, catch me playing the kalimba, reading comics, binge-watching anything from the Golden Age of Hollywood, or crying about the price of live theatre B)

I'm always open to jamming or creating something new,

so feel free to shoot me a message!